Import your file to complete the conversion

We’ve prepared your conversion file that you’ll need to import into Sage Accounting to complete the conversion process.

The process is similar whether you’re an accountant or business owner.

If you’re a business owner and have a Sage accountant, please send them a copy of the JSON file we’ve produced, a link to this page,  and request they perform the import into their Accountant’s Edition to add you as a client.

If you’re importing the file yourself (whether accountant or business owner), you’ll need to add your business/client to a “Plus” trial or subscription (“Start” and “Standard” plans are not supported) and then choose the option to “Use your existing Sage 50 data”. Ignore section 1 and skip straight to section 2 to select “Upload your file”:

Browse to the location of the JSON file you downloaded from Movemybooks and select it. You should then see that Sage is in the process of importing your converted data and you’ll receive an email when it’s complete. The time taken to process the upload will vary significantly but could take many hours to complete. During this time you can close your browser or computer without interrupting the process.


Migrate Client Sage

If you encounter any problems with the file import into Sage, please contact and include a copy of any error file and the JSON file you imported.

Where the migration completes successfully, you’re welcome to double-check it and let us know immediately if you think something is wrong.

If you’ve already setup a business to trial Sage or prior to deciding to convert, you can still reset the business to wipe all the existing Sage data and instead import your converted JSON file.

To do this navigate to Settings > Business settings and then Data management:

On the Data management page click “Reset my Data” to completely wipe the company data and return to the option to either “Create a new business” or “Use your existing Sage 50 data”. You can then follow the instructions above to import the JSON file we provided at the end of your conversion: