In many cases it won’t cost you a thing to move your books to a new cloud platform

Simple, transparent pricing

We aim to keep everything about Movemybooks as simple as possible, and that applies to our pricing just as much as anything else.

Convert 24 service – Our standard Convert 24 service allows you to migrate accounting data from your current financial year, plus one previous year. Xero and Sage Accounting will pay for conversions to their platforms using this service.

You can also choose to include additional historic data if you wish, at CAN$100 per extra year (up to a maximum of 12 extra years).

If you are moving from QuickBooks to Xero you will have the option to convert any QuickBook Classes you may have in your data to Xero Tracking. Where supported we will offer this service for CAN$100.

If you are moving from QuickBooks Online you will have the option to upload any attachments you may have in your source data for an extra CAN$100.

Please follow the 5-step process below to confirm what period of accounting you wish to convert, and the cost (if any).

Everything you need to know

The Pricing Wizard on this page will tell you:

  • Which desktop and cloud accounting platforms can be converted to which cloud platforms
  • How much our Convert 24 service might cost (to convert the current financial year plus one previous year)
  • How much any additional years of data might cost to convert
  • The start and end dates of your chosen conversion

Ready to get started?

Visit the page for the cloud platform you want to migrate to.
You will find more specific information there about how to migrate your data and get started

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