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As small business owners transition from the old way of working to working in the cloud, you have a key role to play. You can help your clients choose the online accounting service that suits them best and help them to get up and running with their new software.

Movemybooks is here to help you and your clients on this journey. Whether you recommend us to your clients, or handle their data migration for them, we’ll make sure that the whole process is quick and pain-free.

Used us before?

Three out of every four data conversions we do is for an accountant moving a client’s data. Our service was designed for accountants from the start and, over 60,000 conversions later, we’re humbled and proud that so many come back to us over and over again to help their clients move their accounting to the cloud.

Did you know?

Switching from QuickBooks Online to Xero or Sage Accounting.

Switching accounting clouds

If you have clients who are already on a cloud accounting platform but want to switch to a different cloud accounting platform, they will be pleased to know that Movemybooks now provides services that allow them to migrate their data to Xero, or Sage Accounting.

We have recently added conversions from Sage 50 to Sage Accounting to our portfolio of services.

Sage 50 to Sage Accounting migrations

We now offer data migrations for clients using Sage 50 who want to move to Sage Accounting.

You may find you can convert with Movemybooks when other methods prevented you moving the data you wanted. The process is simple. Start the migration as normal in Movemybooks, and we will produce a JSON file which you can upload to Sage Accounting.

If you need help, please contact our Support team.

At your service…

Restoring the backup file

If your client gives you a Sage or QuickBooks backup file, but you don’t have the same software yourself, you can still use Movemybooks.

When you get to the conversion step asking you to upload the client’s data, look for the option where we can extract the data from the backup file.

We’ll then let you know when it’s done, so you can complete the remaining steps and get your migration finished.

Demo with the client’s data

If you want to show your client around your recommended cloud accounting software, the best way to do it is with information that means something to them – their own business data.

Many of our accountant customers have success by migrating the client’s data and then doing the demo in a more meaningful way.

Since our migrations are usually free, we think this is a bit of a no-brainer.

Migrating a block of clients

If you have 25 or more clients ready to move, get in touch for information about our batch conversion service.

Our team will be happy to help by handling as much of the work as possible for you.

We’ve helped our accountant customers move blocks of all sizes, up to 300 clients, saving them time and making the process painless.

Visit our Resources page to read or print more information about our batch conversion services for Xero or Sage.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Moved 440 clients within 2 weeks, seamless transfer with great communication. Queries were clearly communicated and dealt with in a timely manner to allow us to hit an extremely tight deadline. Would highly recommend Nathan and his team.

Martyn Penney, SKS Bailey Group

Movemybooks has been a great help in transforming the way we complete our bookkeeping for our clients. As a firm we decided to change bookkeeping processes, and importing the previous data into Xero would have taken weeks or even months. The time saved by the Movemybooks team has been a massive help to our firm. You get regular updates on progress of the conversions and a bulk conversion takes a matter of days to complete. I would highly recommend Movemybooks if you want to transform the way you complete your clients’ bookkeeping.

Luke Green, TC Group

Need some help?

Contact our team and we will make every effort to save you time and help streamline your migrations.

Please get in touch if you need assistance.