Checkmybooks is being deprecated

You may be surprised this isn’t the Checkmybooks website. The reason you’ve been redirected here (Movemybooks) is that we’ve taken the decision to deprecate Checkmybooks. This wasn’t a decision made lightly and we know there were a number of dedicated users that provided great feedback and really helped shape the design of the app.

That being said, we believe that now is a sensible time to move on given the changes being made in the software systems we supported and what with the development plans we have for future products . As such, the main Checkmybooks website is no longer available and the app itself will become unavailable after the 30th June 2020.

Fortunately, much of the code behind Checkmybooks has been utilised in our other products so it’s been a worthwhile and educational journey for us. You may even find there are elements of Checkmybooks you recognise in both Movemybooks and Backupmybooks.

We understand this may be unexpected and we’re trying to give reasonable notice. We certainly hope this announcement doesn’t cause any inconvenience. We really want to thank all our Checkmybooks customers for their business and support over the last few years.